Telepathic Communication

Telepathic Communication

Communicating with those who have dementia is critically needed as we try to provide the best care possible for those living with the condition. 

I am able to connect with the person living with dementia’s higher self or intuitive nature as it is. This is the part of each of us that helps guide us during the day and lifetimes. 

By connecting with the dementia patient’s higher self I can discern from them what is most needed in the way of care for them.

There are many decisions that a caregiver must make on a daily basis and over the course of the journey with dementia. 

Among those decisions are things like which medications to use or when to discontinue them, which medications to use or when to discontinue them what to feed them, what activities do they like, or what is the best way to calm them down when they are angry or agitated. 

By communicating telepathically with the person who has dementia I am able to discover answers to  caregivers questions and what it is that the person with dementia really needs and what is concerning them.      

– Dan Goerke

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telepathic communication

If you are wondering what your loved one with dementia is thinking or more importantly what their true needs are let’s discover that together by allowing me to communicate telepathically with them.    







about dan

Dan began communicating telepathically with his wife Denise while in the midst of taking care of her during her journey with Alzheimer’s Disease.

He wanted to be the best caregiver possible and discovered a gift that helped him navigate the difficult waters of caregiving for someone who can no longer communicate verbally. 

The telepathic communication that takes place between Dan and Denise helps in her everyday care and the same can happen with you.