Hi, I’m Dan Goerke. 

My wife and I used to have a traditional and happy life together. Until the day she was diagnosed with Alzheimers at the early age of 56. From that day on, everything changed, and my role became that of trying to be the best care-giver I could be. Yet the disease blocked any hope for communication with Denise.

One night after she had fallen asleep, in utter frustration, I looked at Denise and said, “I wish I could talk to you,” and I heard her response in my mind saying, “ then talk to me.” The voice in my mind was clearly Denise’s.

From then on, it was a natural process of communicating with her. I began to ask her questions about how to best take care of her, and she would answer. For everything from how to get in the car to how to put on her clothes, she would give me the answer through telepathic communication.

Now I help loved ones who are caring for their spouses, mothers, and fathers and others who have dementia and have lost the ability to communicate with each other to once again have a conversation about the person’s needs, wants, pain, and concerns. The communication is often a chance to see and hear that the person with dementia is okay and for the person with dementia to acknowledge our love for them.

I received a reading with Dan at a time in my life when it felt as if my thoughts and patterns were all over the place. He helped me to get grounded in the now moment and gave me practical ideas and insights. I felt more centered and had a clear direction to focus on. Just what I needed at the right time. Thank you!

– CG

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telepathic communication

If you are wondering what your loved one with dementia is thinking or more importantly what their true needs are let’s discover that together by allowing me to communicate telepathically with them.    







about dan

Dan began communicating telepathically with his wife Denise while in the midst of taking care of her during her journey with Alzheimer’s Disease.

He wanted to be the best caregiver possible and discovered a gift that helped him navigate the difficult waters of caregiving for someone who can no longer communicate verbally. 

The telepathic communication that takes place between Dan and Denise helps in her everyday care and the same can happen with you.