Communicating telepathically with those who have Alzheimer’s Disease

Telepathic Communication

I help caregivers of those living with dementia by communicating telepathically with the higher selves of the patient in order to understand what is most needed by the patient.


I offer this ‘hands on’ healing modality to help your body’s natural healing process work better.   


Each candle is a unique, hand crafted, one of a kind and inspired by nature.

Video Blog about Alzheimer’s Disease

During the course of Dan’s journey as a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s Disease he created a series of vlogs.  The content of the vlogs covered a variety of topics including facts about the disease, Denise’s decline due to the disease and caregiver tips.

Book a Telepathy Session

For a limited time, book a telepathy session for 60 minutes and receive one of my handmade candles, FREE!

telepathic communication

If you are wondering what your loved one with dementia is thinking or more importantly what their true needs are let’s discover that together by allowing me to communicate telepathically with them.    







about dan

Dan began communicating telepathically with his wife Denise while in the midst of taking care of her during her journey with Alzheimer’s Disease.

He wanted to be the best caregiver possible and discovered a gift that helped him navigate the difficult waters of caregiving for someone who can no longer communicate verbally. 

The telepathic communication that takes place between Dan and Denise helps in her everyday care and the same can happen with you.